REPEATED HATE IN THE AIR: Once Again, Anti-Semitism On United Airlines

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A heimishe yungerman who was humiliated on a United Airlines flight told the details of his recent saga.

The man took off on Flight ua999 from Newark to Brussels last Thursday evening, March 7. The man had asked the flight attendant manning door 3 if he can sit close to his friends, a request that was denied by the head steward, Jason, who stated that those seats are economy-plus seats.

However, once the doors of the plane had closed, the stewardess found two empty seats in the following row – not economy-plus – and gave him permission to sit there.

At that point, the head steward came running over furiously, insisting that the passenger return to his own seat. The passenger had no choice but to comply, and he then asked the steward, “What wrong have I done to deserve such treatment?”

Ten minutes passed and the supervisor came on board and ordered the passenger to take his belongings and exit the aircraft.

This unwarranted humiliation was followed by a public announcement that a passenger was being removed from the flight after having “misbehaved.”

The greatest outrage, the man told, was that the flight attendants made up false accusations against him: 1)That he banged on the table when he asked for a better seat. 2) That he said that once the aircraft will be closed, he’ll sit wherever he wants, a statement that has been disproved by many bystanders.

Plus, they threatened other Jewish people‏ who asked what had happened with throwing them off the aircraft as well.

“I am shocked by what occurred,” the passenger told “I hope that United will clean up their act. No one deserves to be treated this way.”

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  1. If true, and if the witnesses are ready to come forward, the airline should be sued. Likewise, people should not simply stop flying the offending carriers, but let them know why. Until then, it will remain business as usual.

  2. We are living in a police state. One is never allowed to question authority. Put your head down. Be contrite or you will be arrested. You dumb stupid sheeple have been so sidetracked with your holy vaccinations/measles/shidduch crisis that you allowed your corrupt government, local & national, to run rampant over you. All your rights have been stripped from you. Just get in the cattle car nicely and you’ll be awarded with a refreshing shower when you arrive.

    • Being delusional is very unpleasant. How long have you been suffering this way?

      I will daven for your complete recovery. Meanwhile be strong, hang in there. There is hope for you yet.

    • Not at all sidetracked by vaccinations/measles/education reform/metzitze b’peh, all this is part of the police state dictating every move in our lives, us suckers (with our leaders) go along with this. No matter your opinion on any of the subjects above it always has to be the government should be out of the picture.

  3. Let United know you’re filing a law suit with them. They will first offer you 2 million points and refund the ticket. If you hold strong you can get up to $25,000

    • asking to sit next to friends is a common occurrence on flights. One time to accommodate some other passengers about 5 of us shifted seats. I was happy as I ended up with the extra legroom seat.

  4. It’s ironic and quite surprising that an airline that has so many direct flights to Israel each week from multiple airports across the USA has recently been treating its Jewish passengers this way.

  5. I don’t believe that jew. Stay in your seat. Learn a Sefer instead of joking around with your ‘friends ‘. Who gives you the right to act differently? You have had a bad upbringing.

    • Go flySpirit, you’ll be back on UA really fast.
      Passengers should act like a Mentch and then they will be respected. We are not privileged.

  6. I’ve never seen any flight attendants on Southwest Airlines bothering passengers. Quite the opposite! I use Southwest whenever possible.

  7. It doesnt make a bit of sense and the person is leaving out details. He said the head FA @ door #3 denied him to move , where does a Stewardess all of a sudden come from that said OK to the row behind?? Did Dadyy say no so you ran to mommy and asked her and didnt mention daddy said no?

    If I was Jason I too would have had the passenger thrown off since it seems he cant listen to instructions and I dont want to deal with such a person 35,000 feet in the air

    Also Ive switched seats w/o asking many times but NOT before the door is Closed = no more people will be coming on

    Why didnt he ask at the gate before boarding if he can change his seat thats the place to do it at. Did he make any snide remarks when he was told no, usually the FA will counter with no problem it will cost you $XXX and what CC do you want to use and people will say No thanks or walk away and NOT approach another FA and ask.

    Also Jason might not have realized he was sitting in the 1st row of non-E+ seats if it was as he said the 1st row after E+. I put the vast majority of the problem on the passengers shoulders for trying to run an end-run around being told No the 1st time

    • Koifetz brosh! First read the story and then comment,
      He wrote that he asked the FA@ door 3 both times, 1st time was denied when she asked the head but after flight was closed she showed him one row after which was not E+ where there were empty seats, and than the head came to run……………

  8. What kind f crazy comment is that you are living in a police state. Chas Vshalom you don’t like America leave no one is forcing you to stay here. You sound like a crazy conspirator .Anti government anti Vaxxers all a bunch of lunatics.

    • Okay Bubbe. The next time you see a member of the NYPD, run over and give him a big hug. They’re all so wonderful loving people with such fine middos tovos. As they pull your husband over, keep praising them and tell them how wonderful they are.

  9. The whole staff at the Newark terminal of United is nasty. The airline dislikes Jews straight from the top. We once had two bags that were 1 lb. overweight and the humiliation we had to endure was enough for us. We don’t fly United anymore. We filed a complaint with corporate and included the names of the airline employees who were involved and got back a form letter thanking us and offering an apology. United is Untied. They deserve to hurt.

  10. Heegiya Zman hageula!!!
    America is not our friends
    We need moshiach
    Rabosai have extra kavanag for g-d redemption

  11. United Lost my mothers suitcase with atleast $5000 dollars worth of contents. She was able to get hold of $5000 worth of receipts for the clothing lost. She had to nudge them for over a year to take care of it and she got an $1800 check..
    I never ever fly United.


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