Report: Liberman Revealed Trump Peace Plan Details To Palestinian Officials

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Senior Palestinian officials have claimed that former defense minister Avigdor Liberman told them details of President Donald Trump’s long-awaited Middle East peace plan two weeks before his resignation in November, according to a report Wednesday.

According to the revealed report, a Palestinian state would be established in the Gaza Strip along with limited autonomy in parts of the West Bank. Countries from around the world will be asked to help build an airport, a maritime port, and open a possible maritime route to Cyprus and border crossings.

Israeli settlements would remain intact, and Israeli control would be preserved over West Bank checkpoints, border crossings and water sources, the report says. The Israel Defense Forces would keep its presence in the Jordan Valley, and much of East Jerusalem would remain under Israeli control.

Liberman denied the report, with his office saying that he “has never seen the plan, and to the best of his knowledge the Americans haven’t revealed the details of the plan to any Israeli, and it isn’t a sure thing that it has been completed.

“The report is simply incorrect.”

Read more at Times of Israel.




  1. Fake news!

    It is extremely unlikely that Trumps peace plan was shared with Israel. Even if it was there is about a zero chance that Lieberman would have shared it with Palestinian officials who he is barely on talking terms with.

    Anyway this doesn’t sound like a peace plan. Other than the airport etc. – which in the end no one is going to chip in for – It sounds like the current situation. There is no chance the Palestinians will accept this.

  2. There is no Trump peace plan and there will not ever be a Trump peace plan. It is only talk about a Trump peace plan. This administration is not capable of launching a peace plan.


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