Report: Netanyahu Escorted to Men’s Room at Upscale Non-Kosher NY Restaurant by 20 Security Guards

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Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu was escorted to the bathroom in a New York City restaurant earlier this week by an estimated 20 security agents, the New York Post reported.

Israel’s premier was having dinner with his wife at the upscale non-kosher eatery Harry Cipriani when he got up to use the restroom and was followed by a host of elite Shin Bet security agents. A few of the guards even went into the bathroom with Netanyahu, a source told the Post, adding, “One watched the door, and the rest lined up with their arms up to form a human barricade, so nobody could enter the bathroom or even get close.”

Fellow diners who watched the scene unfold included talk show host Charlie Rose and billionaire Ronald Perelman.

The insider said 20 security guards were at the restaurant — located inside the Sherry-Netherland hotel — an hour before Netanyahu arrived, and when the prime minister came, he brought an additional 20 agents with him into the venue, which seats a little over 100 people. Other agents were “discreetly placed around the restaurant,” and they carried a “large security device in a black box,” he said. Security agents were also positioned around the hotel.
“In order to get to the restaurant, you had to walk around the block to a barricaded area, which was manned by security and attack dogs,” said the source. “Guests were patted down and had to go through metal detectors. He must be the most protected man in the world right now.”
Netanyahu is in New York for the UN General Assembly, which he addressed on Thursday. It was previously reported that he often has up to 500 security guards with him on a daily basis, according to the Post. He also uses bomb-sniffing dogs and devices that disrupt mobile phone signals that are used to detonate remote bombs.


  1. The only interesting and unfortunate thing I take out from this story is that with just over a week to Rosh Hashanna he couldn’t have made the effort to to to a kosher restaurant. ..
    There are enough upscale restaurants in Manhattan that can more then satisfy his zest for tasty food.

  2. Cool Masmid — Excellent point, he should have made an effort. But every Jew makes mistakes….That there is no kosher restaurant as “fancy” as Cipriani! He also has a yatzer hara….

  3. That’s in addition to the United States Secret Service who are assigned to his detail -not to mention the NYPD who are also heavily involved in the security effort of any head of state visiting anywhere in NY.

  4. This story could have been posted on your web sight WITHOUT stressing the ‘non-kosher’ part.
    You could of just as well posted “upscale New York restaurant”.

  5. Governments have used the fact that Israeli dignitaries are not makpid to eat kosher as a reason to prohibit shechita in their countries. Bibi’s disregard for kashrus reflects badly not only on him but on Israel as well and undermines Yiddishkeit all over the world.

  6. Maybe he had a salad with no dressing and only vegetables that aren’t muchzak betolayim? Maybe he had a kosher dinner brought in, like many restaurants in Manhattan will provide a kosher, above-airline style meal for people attending business events?

    “with just over a week to Rosh Hashanna he couldn’t have made the effort to to to a kosher restaurant”
    With just over a week to Rosh Hashana you couldn’t have been dan es kol ho’odom lechaf zechus?


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