Report: Piron Planning Chareidi Public Schools


shai-pironIsrael’s Education Ministry is working to bring chareidi-religious schools under state auspices, according to Hamevaser. The paper reported that Education Minister Shai Piron has held meetings in recent weeks with the principals of chareidi schools from around the country in an attempt to convince them to switch their schools’ affiliation from “recognized non-public” to “public.”

The plan to create a chareidi stream of schools in the public school system would reportedly go into effect as early as this year. Read more here.

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  1. > Commenter no. 1 wrote” “time for all Yirei Shamayim to seek religious assylum here in the USA to escape the gezeiros of the tzionim”

    >> Oh, wonderful! The process of kibbutz golius is underway and you’re advising Klal Yisrael to go back into golus? Brilliant…just brilliant.

    Secondly, didn’t you read the article?
    “Becoming public schools would make them eligible for significantly MORE STATE FUNDING. Piron allegedly told the principals that they would have “PEDAGOGICAL AUTONOMY,” allowing them to remain firmly within the hareidi-religious community’s standards.”

    I capitalized the important words in case you didn’t quite get it. This is gevaldig and would bring Eretz Yisrael schools up to the standards of U.S. yeshivas…quality Torah instruction and a core curriculum which will allow talmidim to become employable. Mazel Tov to the Israeli chareidi community

  2. “This is gevaldig and would bring Eretz Yisrael schools up to the standards of U.S. yeshivas”

    I can’t see why this is anything other than an excellent idea. Charedi schools in Canada, France, and the UK teach the required secular curriculum and as a result receive generous government funding.

  3. To number 2, I would suggest that you stop romanticizing about kibbutz galiyos. Hashem has His plan, but to be a partner with these guys one has to be especially careful. Over the last couple of months, one day we read about an outwardly anti-charedi remark and then two days later we hear how it was only meant for their own good. I don’t know what your source for “pedagogical autonomy” etc. is, but let me advise, read the fine print. And for what it’s worth, my opinion is that many have been disillusioned by various movements who claim big ideas such as kibbutz galiyos, e.g. Gush Katif. Klal Yisroel has a glorious past, present and future, but let’s measure that success in our terms and not let others define it for us. Mr. Lapid’s abba used to say that Bill Gates is god and his son thinks he’s running the country based on such a philosophy. Take a look at this weeks parsha and realize we think very differently.


    Trust me this in no way means that the yeshivas will be able to be run al taharos Hakodesh. You will note that it does not say they will be able to determine the curriculum autonomously.

    Piron is not a good person. Bear that in mind.

  5. #2 you re naïve and blind what do you think his purpose is to give more more money to yeshivos? this is a worm at the end of a fishing line once they bite they ll pull the purse strings what they re trying to do is to quash yidishkeit R”L same strategy as the fox who invited the fish to come on shore for protection (R’Akiva)for your info aschalta digeula started right after the churban youcould inn the middle of yerusholayim and still be in the middle of golus don t be under any delusions H’ sent gdole harosh yeshivos and the great rebbes to save tora and klal yisroel if it has to be done again so be it don t worry when moshiach comes the ll be a seat on kanfe neshorim for you

  6. #2, Shua Cohen: You don’t seem to get the whole point either. You are right about kibbutz galiyot, but you are wrong when you think that Piron, is trying to turn the yeshivahs into public schools for their benefit. Once, the state funds the schools (all promises go out the window, that’s a fact), the yeshivot then lose control over what is to be taught in school. We are not talking about your basic reading, writing, etc. Just learn what is being taught everywhere in all public schools (Israel & elsewhere) and you will be shocked. Under no circumstance, should nor do I think, hopefully, the Gedolei Hador and other heads of the kehilot, will, c’v, actually allow this to take place. He who holds the purse strings calls the shots. Suggest secular basic subjects should be taught in yeshivot like they do in the US, but his idea would give carte blanche and that could be very dangerous for the youth. Lapid’s party was formed basically for deJewizing Israel. Caution is needed, because there is a war going on against Torah.

  7. For all those like #1, who think that the solution is just to immigrate to the US, THINK AGAIN. There are immigration laws in this country and quotas. There are major political struggles going on right now about immigration, about deporting those who came here to work, let alone people who have been living on government stipends.

    Generally speaking, if you don’t have a profession or work specialty you will not get in, and the bar for religious asylum seekers is high. You won’t get in just because you don’t want to be drafted, or go to work, or don’t want to study secular subjects in addition to limudei kodesh. Political connections won’t do you any good, either. Sorry for the reality check, but that’s how it is.

  8. To #2
    You seem to be ignorant of history. Gedolei Yisroel fought tooth and nail that the government should not put their paws on our holy institutions…This will not pass as the draft shall not pass.

  9. Has anyone ever hear piron speak english no he doesn’t speak english so what is he forcing chareidim to learn english there are also plent of chareidim in te work force those who choose to wok can nothing should be imposed excpecially on bnei torah good shabbos


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