Report: Trump Sought to Scrap Electoral College

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President Donald Trump reportedly floated the idea of scrapping the Electoral College, according to The Wall Street Journal. In a meeting with congressional leadership at the White House this week, Trump reportedly told the lawmakers he wanted to replace the Electoral College with a national popular vote. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell shot down the idea, pointing specifically to the costly Florida recount in 2000 and the potential headache it could cause if such a recount were conducted on the level of the entire country.

Trump’s reported consideration of scrapping the Electoral College comes despite having lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, and still won the presidency because of the required 270 electoral vote threshold he crossed. After losing the popular vote by several million ballots, Trump has called for an investigation into alleged widespread voter fraud. Read more at the WALL STREET JOURNAL.



  1. You can’t have a popular vote without strict universal voting standards, tightly enforced by the federal government – the same federal government that can’t enforce our southern border by the way. Otherwise the Democratic controlled states will provide more votes than their population, and all these illegals, dead people, and multi voters will cancel out the legitimate voters across the country. Do we really want to have Chicago elections on a national level?

  2. Mr. Trump wants to scrap the electoral system that got him elected, I guess since he is elected we don’t need it any more. I wonder what happens the next time he runs and the only way he could win again is the electoral system what would he say then??? reinstate it again ????


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