Republicans Warn Democrats Against Impeaching Trump Again

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House Republicans are warning Democrats against impeaching President Trump after Wednesday’s assault on the Capitol, saying such a move so close to Inauguration Day would prove divisive.

“I’m opposed to impeachment. I think at this point in time, it’s more important to focus on healing and doing a peaceful transition of power as the president himself has conceded where we are and impeachment just inflames those that believe this election has been stolen. And it’s time to move forward,” Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) told The Hill.

Another GOP lawmaker also said they felt impeachment could further inflame extremists’ worst instincts, stating that they need to affirm that they are taking voters’ concerns about the security of elections seriously and dispel conspiracies to build confidence in the democracy.

House Democrats have indicated they are prepared to move forward with articles of impeachment as early as next week if Vice President Pence does not invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

Multiple GOP lawmakers speaking on background said that while they believe Trump’s rhetoric ahead of and during the riot may rise to an impeachable offense, they felt that voting to impeach or invoking the 25th Amendment could fan the flames for further violence ahead of Inauguration Day.

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    Trump was a probe that the American majority launched into government to make it conform to their political will and traditional constitutional norms.

    What he found there was a vast network that includes elected officials, bureaucrats, courts, and corporations, all dedicated to corrupt, self-serving goals and not ours, with many who had sold out to hostile foreign and domestic interests. He sensed this from the start, but gradually learned its full extent.

    As soon as Trump began to do well in the 2016 primaries, the GOP perceived a threat and surrounded Trump with party operatives to try to control him. Meanwhile, Obama and his people were already using the FBI and intelligence organizations to put him out of action. That year, he surprised everyone, so not enough votes were stolen for Hillary to defeat him. (They “fixed” this problem during his term and made election results more easily falsified).

    Once he was in office, his cocoon of GOP double agents made sure he put their people into the Cabinet and other key positions. As a political neophyte and loner, he didn’t arrive in DC with enough of his own loyal people to prevent this. He also had no personal organizations on the state, local, and federal levels to back him up. Since nearly all the potential hiring prospects with relevant experience were corrupt and allied to anti-Trump forces and policies, he was boxed in. Gen. Flynn was actually loyal and knew the deep state’s secrets, so naturally the double agents got him pushed aside.

    Trump learned who was disloyal, but couldn’t replace them without McConnell’s support. Thus, deep staters like Wray, Haspel, and Barr got in, and stymied him at every turn. They could run out the clock. I marvel at our smart pundits who sniped at his ineffective legal effort to “stop the steal”. He had no DOJ help, no FBI help, and no intelligence help to pull his case together optimally. Instead, the potential legal “A” team sat it out (at best) before and after the election. In any event, the judges and legislatures looked for ways to not do their jobs. Some Trump election lawsuits said that governors and other state officials did illegal things not OK’d by their legislatures. Were the legislators blind to those acts as they unfolded? No! They had other, more personal, priorities.

    Oh yeah, the new Supreme Court Justices, afraid of their own shadows. So, on all levels of this sorry government, the checks won’t check and the balances won’t balance.

    Amazingly, Trump got a lot done during his term despite unified opposition from both parties. He was a human dynamo, a rarity in DC. In some cases, his interests coincided with those of GOP corporate donors, thus the tax cuts and removal of harmful regulations. In foreign policy, he could do more on his own, which benefited the US and its true allies such as Israel.

    Bottom line: Trump-as-probe exposed the vast corrupt network we call government, but had no loyal organization to back him up. He still doesn’t. His movement under him or any leader will have to find a way to organize itself in the face of fierce opposition that controls the means of communication in the US and worldwide. It’s a big country. What are they going to use, smoke signals?

    So, right now, there are Trump and his voters, but no political organization in between. Such a group could have managed the last DC rally/march with marshals, etc., to sniff out and neutralize the hotheads (right and/or left wing) who attacked the Capitol. That sacred Capitol filled with robbers and thieves on a normal day. That sacred Capitol guarded by “police” who let the vandals in.

    Those who isolated and betrayed Trump and the nation at every turn are hardly the people to cry foul and order us around now. Anyway, their spectacular success in exploiting the DC march will encourage them to egg right wing nut cases on (or impersonate them) to act out new anarchistic behavior. Respond to all news with the question “who benefits?”

  2. “would prove divisive”

    And inciting a murderous mob to storm the US Capitol to try to overthrow the government isn’t divisive.

    Impeach Trump and force Republicans to take as stand once and for all as to whether they support sedition or not. Most will support it.

  3. “The [DS]/MSM are now panicking, they are rushing to impeach Trump and get him out of office because they know what is about to happen. They will start the impeachment process and Trump will then start to reveal the crimes they have committed, Treason. Trump sent a message, it’s happening, it is time to show the world the truth. It’s time to take down the corrupt diseased system.”

  4. You need a hundred thousand young tough patriots to overrun Washington on inaguaration day just as Antifa makes their attacks. It won’t happen because the patriots are hard working people but come election in two years and they will outvote democRATs.


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