Rivka Levy a”h

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It is with great sadness that Matzav.com reports the passing of Rivka Levy a”h. She was 25 years old.

Rivka was a daughter of Rabbi Don Yoel Levy, CEO of OK Kosher.

Rivka is survived by her parents, Rabbi Don Yoel and Malka Levy of Crown Heights, and her siblings, Rikal Fogelman of Crown Heights, Yitzchak Levy of Miami, Florida, Pnina Hanoka of Crown Heights, Menachem Levy of Crown Heights, Esty Scheiner of Miami, Florida, Devorah Leah Chein of Crown Heights, Chaya Camissar of Miami, FL, Shmuly Levy of Miami, FL, and Berel Levy of Crown Heights.

The levaya will take place today at the Mount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetery, located at 1125 NW 137th Street in Miami, Florida.

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  1. have rachmanut on her neshama and take off the picture. please!!!!
    [and for the laitzim that will argue, that its fanatic etc. first go learn 5 hours [minimum] about this inyan and then ….

    • Ok Just learned 6 hours about this inyan.

      and no it isnt fanatic it is just plain old tipshis you are a fool. Please don’t make yourself sound like some holy zealot.

  2. TO: RAV AND REB: have rachmanus on your own neshama, and stop pushing your radical agenda on the rest of us. there is nothing halachically wrong with a woman’s face, and those who have issues with it are the ones with real issues. see a therapist to deal with your problems and stop ruining yiddishkeit with your cult-like worse-than-chumros that never existed in klal yisroel!

    • the magazine of the agudah published pictures of women years ago! but you know better! the only reason womens pictures arent in magazines nowadays which started this issue is because of market appeal to a wider audience. it’s not defacto forbidden!

  3. To poster #2, it’s a tragedy! Why “must” we see the picture to comprehend the tragedy! It only serves to cause additional pain to an already grieving family. The picture should be removed out of respect!

  4. You people are sick!!! Really??? Picture??? Founder??? That’s what your little minds think in the face of such a heart-rending gzeirah???

  5. If you are so up in arms over a woman’s picture why are you even on the Internet? And definitely stop pushing your fanatical agenda on the rest of us.

  6. Bubby B: How can you be so inconsiderate of parents & siblings going through such Tzaar.
    Have compassion or if you must considerate as such then humor them. But don’t criticise and give mussar at such a time.

  7. BD”E so sad. Maybe stop worrying about yenem’s frumkeit and give a thought to this poor girl and her family. They should have a nechama.

  8. Haimy. What is wrong with you? The woman died at a very young age. She deserves to be remembered. The best way is that people should see who she was.

  9. Remember her by seeing her face???
    Remember her by citing her maasim tovim and learning from them!
    The picture has no meaning for those who did not know her.

  10. All those people who have a problem with the picture – ignorant fools who were taught be even more ignorant fools. All of you need to get professional help.

  11. Go into Google Settings and set the content settings to “no images.” Problem solved for viewers. As far as the family is concerned, of course they should be asked first if they give their permission.


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