Satmar Releases Statement After Wedding Of Rebbe’s Grandson Canceled

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  1. The wedding was NOT cancelled. They will be getting married that night Kdaas Moshe VYisroel, while also following the law and keeping people safe. Mazel Tov!!!

  2. Unfortunately, there is simply no way to enforce proper COVID distancing protocols with thousands of Yidden gathered, and anyone who says differently is dreaming and deluding themselves and others.
    Even recent Hakafos at Shuls with 30 or 40 people couldn’t really maintain proper distancing while trying to “not” dance. Can you imagine thousands of Chassidim trying to get a glimpse of the Rebbe?
    Come on…
    Whether someone Massered on them is a different issue and should not take away from the fact that this is not anti-semitism. It makes perfect sense, and those of us who are trying not to catch this virus are thankful that this event will be minimized.
    There are two very distinct issues:
    1. Should the Chassuna happen with thousands of Chassidim in line?
    2. What should happen to the Moiser?

    I vote no on number one.
    Hashem should decide number 2.

    • If the wedding can take place in a safe way, it should be done. You can’t make decisions in life based on what your enemies and naysayers tell you.
      As far as a moser, there are very clear defined halachos. We don’t wait to convene a bais din. We must eliminate a moser immediately. We follow halacha, not some boich svara from some sushi eating baal habaas.

      • hey 106
        way to ignore the tzitz eliezer and the aruch hashulchan. can people stop making it like halacha is as clear cut as their opinions are?


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