Scarborough to Cruz: ‘Come Around’ to Support Trump ‘If You Want a Future in Politics

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Today on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” the day after the Indiana Republican presidential primary, co-host Joe Scarborough argued that ultimately Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) will have to come around and put his support behind eventual presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.




  1. My video isn’t working but from the written word it seems like morning joe thinks Cruz should give into the bullying and disgusting politicking by Trump. That’s how we make dictators.

  2. Au contraire. If Cruz wants a future in politics, he should stay as far away from Trump as he can. If Cruz wants to really show that he is as principled as he says he is, he will never throw his support behind Trump. The most he should say is that since that is who the voters picked, he will not oppose him.

    If Cruz goes and supports Trump after the accusations he threw at him (all true, by the way, unlike the National Enquirer garbage Trump spouts), no one will ever take him seriously again.


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