SECOND WAVE? Almost 20,000 New Coronavirus Cases Were Identified In The US On Wednesday

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Johns Hopkins reported 19,699 new COVID-19 cases and 995 virus-related deaths in the country on Wednesday.

The United States has reported a total of 1,851,520 cases of coronavirus, including at least 107,175 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University’s tally.

The new rise comes as state struggle to reopen in the aftermath of the deadly pandemic that saw over 100,000 deaths in the U.S alone.

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  1. What a ridiculous article, just more fear mongering and scare tactics. There has been around 20,000 cases reported every day for the past weeks, down from an average of 28,000 in the weeks prior. There was nothing new about yesterday’s 20,000 cases. Furthermore, the number of cases themselves proves absolutely nothing, since it depends on how many were tested. The only numbers that should be carrying any weight at this time are the positivity rate of tests, number of hospitalizations, and number of deaths. All 3 of those numbers are way down across the board. Furthermore, just check out the numbers from these European countries- France, Italy, Spain, and Germany. All have been progressing in their reopening for several weeks as all 3 of those important metrics continue to fall. This is proof that the virus itself is weakening. Also, please see the reports out of Italy this week where doctors are reporting exactly this, that the virus is not as potent even in the newly hospitalized patients. There will never be “zero cases”, just like there are never “zero cases” of the flu, common cold, etc.

  2. The more we test, the more we will be aware of previously unidentified cases. We aren’t seeing surges of people being hospitalized (Yes, I’m on Hatzalah) and the ventilators and hospital beds that we thought we’d need, based on projections, are unneeded.

    • Precisely. And I would add that a second wave can only be in an area that saw cases, stoped, and started again. If an area simply continues to see cases, or an area is seeing for the first time, that is NOT a second wave.


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