Senate Report: Multiple Failures On Jan. 6 Threats Exposed Capitol Police

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A new bipartisan Senate report concerning the Jan. 6 incidents at the Capitol found breakdowns in communications throughout several agencies in the days leading up to the attacks, indicating issues concerning the FBI and Department of Homeland Security as well as the Capitol Police.

The 100-page report, released early Tuesday, says the federal agencies did not raise a sufficient alarm concerning the threat of violence and that the Capitol Police’s intelligence division did not adequately communicate what it knew with the department’s leaders and rank-and-file officers, reports NBC News.

The document is the result of the joint investigation by the Homeland Security and Rules committees that started shortly after the Capitol attacks.

Capitol Police leaders knew about social media posts that had been made calling for violence at the Capitol complex on Jan. 6, the report says, “including a plot to breach the Capitol, the online sharing of maps of the Capitol Complex’s tunnel systems, and other specific threats of violence.”

However, the report continued that the department’s intelligence division “did not convey the full scope of known information to USCP leadership, rank-and-file officers, or law enforcement partners.”

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