Seven Arrested After 15-Year-Old Marries A 13-Year-Old Girl In Yerushalayim

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Israeli police shut down an illegal wedding on a rooftop on Meah Shearim, Yerushalayim, early Friday morning, after it was discovered that the bride was five years below the legal age for marriage.

After police learned of the wedding, officers were dispatched to shut down the event and question those involved. According to investigators, both the chosson and kallah are minors – 15 and 13 respectively.

After police shut down the illegal wedding, the kallah’s mother, the kallah, three other minors, and two women involved in the wedding were detained for questioning.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. I would love to see real marriage by talmudic right. The secular state dreams of its legality. Maybe our rabbonim can help.

    Free vigor at their age. Just waiting otherwise. Daven they can be to their future married if. Maybe its a future shidduch.

  2. If you go to the article inAritz Sheva, there is a picture of the people involved. You can then see they are from one of those cults that cover themselves from head to foot.

    These people are not your average charedim.
    Actually what they practice is not authentic Yiddishkeit. They are the other side of the coin from Reform.

    • I have nothing against young people getting married if they want to. I believe in Israel it’s forbidden before 16 and people between 16 and under 18 need approval, Even that restriction (few are ready to marry before 16) can easily be solved by doing secular paperworks a few weeks or months later. This is not the situation pictured in the photograph.


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