Shabbos Elevators Listed in Survey on ‘Bizarre’ Customs in Foreign Countries

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By Sherin Ghermezian

Shabbos elevators in Israeli hotels are among features of foreign countries that tourists consider odd, according to a survey conducted by Reddit, a news and entertainment website that functions like a social-media bulletin board.

The survey question posed was, “What is totally normal in your country that would be really bizarre to foreigners?”

Among the many people from around the world who answered was a user named Zodikosis, who highlighted the use of elevators in the Jewish state catering to those whose religious observance prevents them from operating electrical devices on Shabbos.

“So, if you want to get to your floor on time,” Zodikosis wrote, “just take the stairs.”

Other users noted that it is illegal to chew gum in Singapore, and that in Sweden the “entire country shuts down” on December 25 to watch a specific Donald Duck video from 1958.

Within 24 hours of its posting, the Reddit survey had garnered close to 4,000 responses, according to the UK’s Daily Mail, which first reported on it.

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  1. So they’re making choizik from our holy Shabbos. Nothing new. That’s why it’s assur for a goy to keep Shabbos.

  2. Shabbas Elevators. All the good trick trick trick for the greater good of the love of Shabbas. Rise and Fall knowing that the buttons were not your own mood! Shalom.

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