Sharansky: Full Plan For Kosel Prayer Space To Be Unveiled This Month, Could Be Taken from Chareidim

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sharanskyThe full details of the plan to set up a new space for egalitarian prayer services at the Kosel will be unveiled in two weeks, Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky has told Haaretz.

Certain elements of the plan, he said, could be implemented immediately, once they are approved, including wresting exclusive control of tefillah at the Kosel from the chareidi establishment.

In the plan he drafted earlier this year, Sharansky had proposed that a joint authority comprised of representatives of the government of Israel, the Jewish Agency and world Jewry set the rules for prayer in the new egalitarian space, allowing the Orthodox-run Western Wall Heritage Foundation to remain in charge only of the existing gender-segregated prayer areas. “This is something that the government can decide on in one day,” said Sharansky to Haaretz. Read more here.

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  1. Funny how orthodox Jewry was the only segment that fought for his realese from Russia.
    We all knew he wasn’t religious i guess ???? ???? is not important

  2. I don’t feel too bad for having supported this rasha when he was an inmate in the soviet union. Moshe Rabeinu saved a baby from the egyptians and made a similar mistake.

  3. Does anyone else remember when we were SO thankful and excited that Sharansky was released from Russia? How proud we were that he defied the Russians at every step? Are we suppose to stop fighting to help these people escape Russia in they will stab Torah in the back?

  4. It is quite amazing how they use the kosel for their craziness let them go to their own sinagouges and do what they want there but not at the holiest site for jews the kotel-western wal

  5. What is wrong with you people? This is the plan the from wanted. Sharansky is shomer shabbos and very highly regarded by chashuva B’nai Torah. These comments are pure amarstzus.

  6. Natan is not looking to stab Torah in the back rather to find an equitable solution to a horrible problem. Why not read about his ideas and how to bring this ‘ladies group’ away from the main area of tefillah…

  7. Who photoshopped the picture? It looks really ghastly, as if it were done by some anti-Semite trying to picture an unpleasant stereotype.

  8. chazal tell a story of a man that learned kabala ?????? how to be michaye meisim he went into the forest to try it out he revived a dead lion and the lion ate him up r”l


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