She Will Touch your Heart

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Surele is the sweetest little 3 years old girl, diagnosed with cancer r’l two year ago.

Upon recommendation, we were told to fly from Israel to New York for her treatments.

The cost of the doctors and hospital stay, are way more than we can possibly afford, and we are drowning in debt, trying to stay afloat.

As we watch our little Surele suffering in terrible pain, during those agonizing treatments, we turn to you, Rachmonim Bnei Rachmonim. Turning to the public is not easy, but we know that if our story is heard, we can get outside help from special readers like you.

Please open your hearts and partner with Hashem,

in healing my beautiful little girl.

Right now, her life depends on the kindness and generosity of her fellow Yidden. I will never be able to repay you for your chesed, but in the zchus of tzedakah, may the Ribono shel Olam reward you all with good health and parnassa throughout your lives.

Please donate HERE whatever you possibly can to help us. We must be there for our Surele.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Her Mother



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