Shin Bet Captures Hamas Operative After Entering Israel Under Guise Of Medical Treatment

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The Israeli security agency Shin Bet announced on Wednesday the arrest of a Hamas operative who entered Israel with a humanitarian pretense, pleading to receive medical treatment.

According to local reports, the suspect had undergone a full year’s training by the military wing of Hamas before entering Israel.

His mission was to enter under a false humanitarian guise and set up a laboratory of explosives in the West Bank, which would then, in turn, supply terrorists with explosives to carry out attacks in Israel, according to the Shin Bet.

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  1. Someone so twisted and evil that he would use Israel’s kindness against it in an (b”H failed) attempt to murder innocent Jews is difficult to comprehend.

  2. I think Israel should give him something me medical treatment such as amputating his diseased hands and feet

  3. Why Israel would take in any Arab no matter how sick is out right wrong and evil.

    Take care of your own brothers and sisters instead of wasting time and energy on a enemy combatant. They do it to score points with the left . EVIL!!


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