SHOCK IN YERUSHALAYIM: Vandals Pour Acid Over Sifrei Torah, Wreak Havoc in Shul

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In a shocking incident, vandals entered the Siach Yisroel shul in the Kiryat Hayovel neighborhood of Yerushalayim, broke into the aron kodesh, poured acid on the Sifrei Torah and destroyed the shul’s contents.

Criminal investigators closed the shul and are collecting evidence.

Shmuel Marciano, a member of the Yerushalayim city council who davens at the shul, said: “I never saw such a shocking thing… They cut the aron kodesh with a grinder saw and threw the Sifrei Torah on the floor.

Yerushalayim Mayor Moshe Leon remarked,  “This morning we got to know a shocking case of desecration of a shul and the destruction of Sifrei Torah in Kiryat Yovel. A grave event reminiscent of dark periods of the Jewish people, such crimes can not happen today — I’ve been talking to the Yerushalayim Police Department right now and I’m sure the Israeli police will soon put their hands on the criminals.”

President Rubi Rivlin remarked, “Hard and painful pictures this morning from the Kiryat Yovel shul. I am certain that the Israel Police will find ones in charge, and bring them to justice soon to ensure that such sights do not repeat”

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said, “I am shocked by the desecration of the shul in Kiryat Yovel. The police must immediately find those responsible and bring them to justice.”



  1. Hashem does not allow horrific attacks like these to take place without a reason. Perhaps this is a message that the time has come for us to stop treating our shuls with disrespect.

  2. Regarding the several pictures of the wreaked Beis Medrosh that are posted here (and on other B’nei Torah news websites), it is EXTREMELY GOOD that these pictures are placed here (and elsewhere) where the public can view them. For it is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL that people will CLEARLY SEE the HORRENDOUS MASSIVE SACRILEGE that occurred and feel SEVERELY PAINED AND REVOLTED by it.

    • No, just the thought is horrendous enough for me.

      Really disgusting of Matzav to post these pictures. We don’t have to see everything.

      Just like body parts are considered graphic, this should also be considered graphic. Is this what we want to conditions the younger generation to seeing?

      Really disgusting and it shows a complete lack of respect for דברים שבקדושה.

      • Thank You Very Much for your rebuke. However, I still strongly stand by what I said. Regarding your statement: “just the thought is horrendous enough for me,” with the exceedingly extreme severity of this horrid calamity, unfortunately, there is no level of pain & revulsion that will ever be “horrendous enough” for us to have!! So as seeing the very graphic pictures will sharply amplify our pain & revulsion (for example) a thousand times more, that is EXACTLY what we ARE OBLIGATED to do!! Our implementing this obligation — of increasing our pain & revulsion at this terrible Churban more and more and more — is of the very greatest RESPECT & HONOR for these Devarim Shebikdusha that were so terribly wreaked.

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