SHOCKING: Candidate for Rockland DA Says Most Significant Problem in County is Growth of Hassidic Community

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An attorney running for the DA position in Rockland County announced his campaign by releasing a 2-page tirade where he writes  “the most significant problem facing the County [is] the insularity and exponential growth of the Hasidic community.”

Mike Diederich, a civil rights lawyer and a former Lieutenant Colonel in US Army, released a statement to the Haverstraw Democratic Committee where he calls the Chassidishe system and “intellectual cage” and called the Chassidshe leadership an “abusive organization.”

Read the full letter below:


  1. These liberals have one agenda. They want us to learn about the new 3 R’s R-Evolution against Hashem, Religions of the world especially atheism, and Rights especially gay, women and animal. I’m happy this idiot is so blunt at least he’s not wishy-washy.

  2. what an ignorant person . he is evidently educated, but lacks the most basic understanding. what a sad commentary on the very system he is promoting.

  3. I believe he is referring to the substandard education that leaves most of the Hasidic population unable to support themselves without any government aid.

  4. This anti-Semite is no better than Ilhan Omar Minnesota Democratic Rep. An outcome from intermarriage. (His paternal grandparents were Jews from Russia.) Hope he loses BIGLY!

  5. How did a JAG officer win a purple heart? Fascinating. The Hasid who jumped into the sea in Tel Aviv, fully clothed, to save a khilloni surfer, should get one too. Unfortunately the Hasidic groups who blaze with true hesed, are not too common in his neck of the woods, and his criticism is strongly shared by most Jews in the US who are similarly uninformed. Khalivy that all “anti-Semites” have his degree of moderation and public service! We say “shelo asani goy/ishah” because we have more mitzovt. Any racist elaboration of this is pure shtuss, totally warped. If a goy keeps his 7, he’s a good fellow and a good neighbor. If a yid doesn’t keep his 613 gifts, l’hachiss, he is not. Learn from Tzaveh, learn from Ki-Thissa. Think about what “hevay nekhmad” means. It’s not such an impossible madrayga. We have exquisite examples in our own generation.

  6. He is not Anti Semitic at all! On the contrary , he writes that he will protect Hasidic women and children from the authoritarian regime of the cult/sect/Rabbi. He means that because they are growing exponentially, the insularity is becoming a larger problem. He is not criticizing them or their Jewishness at all. He is highlighting that women and children there suffer from lack of basic education and can do nothing about it and he will support thier efforts if need be.
    Need to change the headline unless you purposely took out the one sentence from the whole 2 page letter to excoriate him. bad/Fake journalism again.

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