SICK GENERATION: ‘Slap A Teacher’ Is Latest TikTok Trend

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Another month. Another TikTok challenge.

The “slap your teacher” challenge is the latest trend that has resulted in some students facing charges and has schools and TikTok speaking out.

TikTok tweeted the challenge was an insult to teachers everywhere and any related content posted to its platform was against its community guidelines and would be removed immediately.

A quick search on the platform turns up zero results, but that didn’t stop schools from moving swiftly to curb any potential attacks.

Schools across the nation are notifying teachers, parents and students of the possible consequences after the challenge began to trend on social media and multiple students made headlines for assaulting teachers.

Read more at USA Today.



  1. Oh yes. Merrick Garland will immediately draw up a new rule, if you even look at your teacher with a scary look, the FBI will come and arrest your family, going back 8 generations. Mask up.

  2. Yes it’s terrible but simultaneously its a wonderful sign that moshiach is very near, as the sign in the Gemora is that chutzpah will increase and elders will stand up for youth.


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