Fund Established: SIMCHA AMIDST TRAGEDY: Skverer Wife Gives Birth After Husband’s Petirah in Car Accident

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Just hours after her husband and father were killed in a car accident in New City, NY, Mrs. Birnhack , wife of R’ Shlomo Birnhack z”l, gave birth to a baby boy.

R’ Shlomo, 22, and his father-in-law, R’ Aharon Shmuel Deutsch z”l, 48, were traveling to a wedding in New York City with 8 other family members when their 15 passenger Ford van veered off of New Heampstead Road crashed into a tree on Route 45, right outside of Shikun Skver, trapping all of the vehicle’s occupants – including the hired driver – who were extricated by Hatzolah and other emergency personnel as part of a lengthy and arduous operation that required taking the vehicle apart piece by piece.

The passengers, including a number of children who suffered broken bones and other inuries, were taken to local hospitals – including Nyack Hospital, Good Samaritan and Westchester Medical Center – having suffered severe trauma.

It is not clear why the van veered off the road or what caused the accident.


A fund has been set up to assist the families: Please click HERE to donate.



  1. Very sad and mazel tov. Hope the silly doctors will not take the “credit” for themselves and blame it on corona like they’ve been doing with other accidents.


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