Sixty More Coronavirus Cases Confirmed On Japanese Cruise Ship


Around 60 more people on board the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship moored off Japan have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, national broadcaster NHK said on Monday.

Other local media also reported approximately 60 more cases had been confirmed, raising the number of infected passengers and crew to around 130. Health ministry officials declined immediate comment.

The Diamond Princess has been in quarantine since arriving off the Japanese coast early last week after the new virus was detected in a former passenger who got off the ship last month in Hong Kong.

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  1. The Coronavirus has the same symptoms as the flu but in Wuhan they also drop dead on the streets. Ever heard of hundreds of people dropping dead on the street from the flu??? Of course not! But in Wuhan they’re covering up the 5G radiation testing just about 3 weeks ago which causes instant death, like the birds in the Netherlands that dropped dead due to 5G radiation testing there.

    In China there are are no flu deaths this year, which should give you a clue what Coronavirus is all about.

    • Liar!
      People are dying because they’re starving to death. The same stupid trolls are repeating the same stupid lies so often that bored listeners are falling into such a deep sleep that they can’t even wake up from hunger. Gotta run – the black helicopters sent out by Martian Trump impersonators are coming for us truth-tellers!

      • Typical ostrich response. Your propaganda fake news did not report any 5G test performed in that city, so the only reason for hundred of people suddenly dropping dead in the streets you you can imagine is hunger. How dumb!

      • All of a sudden Chinese people die of hunger in 1 city? Do you believe that? How come they didn’t die of hunger until now? Look at photos how young and old fall dead. They don’t look starved at all. They look like they fell from radiation.

        Are trolls those who reveal the truth vs idiots who believe fake news gullibly?


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