Smart: Lakewood Heavily Voted for Trump


Even though Hillary Clinton won New Jersey by 13 percentage points, it was 5 percentage points less than Obama in 2012. This means that more New Jersey residents voted for Donald Trump than they did for Mitt Romney last election, NJ.COM.

But what towns contributed to the 1.5 million votes that Trump received on Tuesday? Which towns did Trump win the most decidedly?

NJ Advance Media analyzed the data and found the towns with a population over 10,000, where residents cast a total of more than 7,500 votes and Trump won by more than a 20 percent margin.

Lakewood was the town with over 10,000 residents that voted for Trump by the highest margin, NJ Advance Media found.



  1. “Smart: Lakewood Heavily Voted for Trump”
    Isn’t it interesting that those who agree with one’s own viewpoint are smart, while those who see things differently are, uhhh, unsmart?

  2. Smart?
    So far Trump has :
    walked back his position on toieivah marriage
    Announced a horrid anti-Semite Cannon as a chief advisor
    Started walking back Yerushalayims status.


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