State Department Report From 1946 Suggests Poles Persecuted Jews ‘Vigorously’ During Holocaust


In a bid to end the contentious debate surrounding Poland’s controversial Holocaust law, the Simon Wiesenthal Center Thursday released a declassified report highlighting Polish complicity in persecuting Jews during the Holocaust.

The US State Department report from May 15, 1946 — released by Simon Wiesenthal Center on the same day Polish Holocaust law went into effect — found “evidence that Poles persecuted the Jews as vigorously as did the Germans.”

The report, declassified in 1983, found that “native Poles” took part in anti-Jewish actions conducted by the Germans, and called antisemitism “a traditional feature of Polish political and economic life.”

The report also documents antisemitism in Poland prior to the Holocaust, such as the country’s antisemitic policies following World War I, such as a ban on ritual animal slaughter, discriminatory tax laws, and a limit on the number of Jews given admittance to universities.

At the same time, the report also documents attacks against Jews following the Holocaust, including reports that over 350 Jews were killed in Polish towns.

The Polish legislation enacted Thursday makes it illegal to attribute crimes committed during the Holocaust to Poland. The law has sparked outrage in Israel and among Holocaust survivors, and has also been condemned by the United States, a key ally of Poland.




  1. They are the same bigots and anti semites. Ask anybody who ever went to Poland. Unabashedly show their hatred! Lowlife Polish government. They think they will erase their complicity and crimes just by law! LET THEM ALL ROT IN HELL!

  2. We all know how ruthless not only the poles but all the European nations were against the Jews and still hate us. When mosshiach arrives it will be payback time.

  3. There is only one word to discuss for the holocaust. Murder.

    In all, the holocaust was not even the beginning or the end of the attacks of antisemitism and the same word applies today. We do not tolerate bigotry and Israel has its faith in G-d daily.

    Stand with the survivor and convince him or her that Hashem is our King and that the crime was not G-d willing to look another day or another way for jewish futures. They must be people of Torah as well and we will stand always strong when Torah is learned.

    All survivors may have such powerful hate pushed into their depth that the idea of Torah ever is sometimes ever a far-fetch. They may not feel any other than that until they even do learn Torah.

    A crucial need.


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