Study Finds COVID-19 Immunity Doesn’t Last

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Antibodies against the novel coronavirus declined rapidly in the British population during the summer, a study found on Tuesday, suggesting protection after infection may not be long lasting and raising the prospect of waning immunity in the community.

Scientists at Imperial College London have tracked antibody levels in the British population following the first wave of COVID-19 infections in March and April.

Their study found that antibody prevalence fell by a quarter, from 6% of the population around the end of June to just 4.4% in September. That raises the prospect of decreasing population immunity ahead of a second wave of infections in recent weeks that has forced local lockdowns and restrictions.

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    • Lik all the “educated” and “Elite”. Thats why there was not a single claim from the beginning that wasn’t disputed and changed. Because “we knew this since the beginning”.

      Don’t be intimidated by people claiming to be the elites, they know less than you as they are stuck in their “belief” and can’t incorporate a different theory or logic.

      Ask yourself, how many people that had it do you know that got it again. Then take it to the next step, Read the study yourself OPEN MINDED. Be ready to find the fallacies in the claim vs the study.

  1. This study assumes that no antibodies = no immunity. It ignores T cells and the rest of the immune system. The body remembers the virus and produces antibodies once it is exposed again.

  2. Antibody means nothing. People have the flu, etc more than once and more than twice.

  3. Studies! Studies! Misleading Studies!
    This study just shows that the level of antibodies may not last; it doesn’t show that immunity doesn’t last!


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