Try Not To Cry When You Watch This Tragic Yet Inspiring Short Video Of This Jewish Kid

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The new video of four year old Shimon Sabovitch learning how to say Kaddish for his mother, Dina, is tugging at heartstrings worldwide. Last Motzei Shabbos, his devoted mother, passed away leaving Shimon and his 13 siblings orphans. She was only 47 and healthy until 6 months ago when she was diagnosed with cancer. She had been undergoing painful chemotherapy, but due to her showing superhuman strength, a positive attitude, and her continuing to energetically shower her kids with unconditional love gave the family the false impression she was getting better.

On Rosh Hashanah, she lost all feeling in her legs and was rushed to the hospital where doctors found a new growth on her spinal cord. For several weeks, she began to deteriorate until at the end she could only move her eyeballs. Even so, her kids remained her #1 concern. For example, when Boruch, 9, began to suffer in school, she called him from her hospital bed to make sure he was ok. Because of the love she provided them on their visits, Shimon and his siblings were always excited to go to the hospital to get their daily dose of hugs and kisses, despite her continuing to decline before their young eyes.

Last Motzei Shabbos, the family got  the call that their mother was gone. The kids are devastated and are forced to relive the painful emotions of her death at least three times a day, when they say Kaddish for her. Shimon is learning how to say Kaddish. Too young to understand, he feels like a big boy because gets to do what his older siblings and father, noted Rav and Morei Tzedek of Eida Chareidis, are doing. Rabbi Sabovitch is worried for the day when Shimon will realize his mother is never coming back and his saying Kaddish is really his saying “Goodbye forever” to his favorite person in the world.

Rav Sabovitch, shlita, says the events of the last 6 months have put the family into a desperate financial matzav and Shimon and his siblings need help. He has no money for their food or clothes for school, let alone money to marry off his kids. The tragedy has already put the kids into emotional turmoil and he is worried that if they have to face poverty too, it will be very damaging, with far reaching consequences, both physical and spiritual To receive the abundant bracha Hashem promises to those who help these orphans and to allow little Shimon and his siblings to have dinner tonight, click here.


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