Study Finds Earlier Coronavirus Restrictions In US Could Have Saved 36,000 Lives


After researchers at Columbia University this week estimated about 36,000 lives in the United States could have been saved from the novel coronavirus had social distancing and other restrictions been put in place a week earlier in March, the White House on Thursday pointed a finger at China, and the president called it a “political hit job.”

Disease modelers at Columbia University said in a study released Wednesday that 61.6% of deaths and 55% of infections nationwide could have been avoided if preventative measures in place on March 15 had been enacted a week earlier. That equates to about 35,927 deaths and 703,975 cases.

Asked about the study on Thursday, President Donald Trump said “Columbia’s an institution that’s very liberal,” and without providing any evidence, added, “I think it’s just a political hit job, if you want to know the truth.”

“I was so early,” he told reporters outside the White House, defending his administration’s response to the virus. “I was earlier than anybody thought.”

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  1. Sick and tired of these studies!! Half of the deaths are from nursing homes.. The givernors re busy with trying to inflict pain on people so they can get a bailout and hurt President Trump it is that simple.

  2. Monday morning quarterbacks always win the Heisman Trophies! How could anyone have known! it’s not like we had this once before! And in 1918 there were no vaccines yet for any influenzas, infections or the likes! What Shtussim! this is another Democratic ploy to destroy the president! “panDEMic” You see how the DEMs just like to cause panic??

  3. I find that if the USA would of closed its borders to China no one would of died via Covid 19.
    Just another ‘Monday morning coaching’ as is traditional here in the USA.

  4. dems are always entitled and exempt from 2020 hindsight. They own the diagnosis, designations etc. They get to decide who has a disease, label the person sick of ____ one of the fields in their chart and the signature line has a legal requirement to be signed by a verified liberal.

  5. Well, in EY they took precisely those steps (and the government there are certainly not baalei Ruach haKodesh), and so did Argentina and New Zealand, so it is not beyond mere mortals to adopt them even without falling back into the “Monday morning quarterback” tripe. The studies show that if Mr. Know-it-All had taken bold steps within the realm of the logical and doable when there was still ample time, instead of bragging about how great the US is, these lives could have been saved, politics aside, don’t defend the indefensible.

  6. So why didn’t Columbia (and others) speak up before instead of waiting till now? Doesn’t that make these universities complicit in all these deaths? How many spoke up when Governor Cuomo sent recovering COVID-19 patients to old age homes (instead of all those empty beds that Trump had made available to him)?

  7. Uh, the day after WHO said it’s an outbreak trump closed the border to China. If you were president you’d wait to hear from WHO and that’s exactly what trump did. For the record all democRATs disparaged him for doing it


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