TARGETED: Jewish Chronicle Reports Iran Is ‘Mapping’ Jewish Leaders Worldwide

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The Iranian government is “mapping” Jews around the world with plans to kill them if Israel attacks Iran, according to a report in London’s Jewish Chronicle.

Catherine Perez-Shakdam, a Middle East scholar and research fellow at a think tank, met Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in February 2017. She believes that he was unaware that she is Jewish.

During her trip, Perez-Shakdad was told of a plan to “map key Jewish figures around the world for Iran’s assassination squads,” per the Chronicle.

“The idea was to identify all prominent NGOs run by Jews, who was doing what in each business sector, the important rabbis,” she said. “They wanted to figure out their influence and where they lived with their families in order to target them.”

The paper noted that in November, British intelligence’s MI5 stated it had foiled 10 assassination attempts in just one year. It did not say if any of those attempts targeted Jews. JNS


  1. The government of Iran is planning to kill civilians, who are not attacking Iran.

    I strongly suspect that International Law considers this to be a war crime.

    Maybe this can be verified by someone who studied International Law in Law School, or even better, by a lawyer whose practice includes International Law.

    Now watch countless millions of far-leftists and political progressives and socialists and European politicians NEVER CRITICIZE Iran for targeting Jewish civilians.


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