TERROR: Officer Hurt in Ramming Attack (Video, Photos)

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An Israel police officer was rammed into in Natzrat in an apparent terror attack.

The officer instructed the driver of the vehicle to stop, but the driver ignored the command and drove right into the policeman.

The attacker drove right off, before he could be apprehended.

The officer was hurt and was transported to the hospital in moderate condition.

ramming (2)

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


  1. Every day…incident after incident…and? Nothing.
    Status quo…no changes no nothing…
    Good luck….
    For smart people, there’s alot of stupidity. ..

  2. The Torah already says “Leiv melachim v’sarim b’yad Hashem”. The status in Israel isn’t dependant on politicians, it’s dependant on our level of keeping the Torah and observing the mitzvos. We see clear miracles daily in Israel, things would be infinitely worse if not for the powerful Torah learning of the large amount of religious jews in Israel.

    A simple glance at every one of these daily attacks will reveal how potentially devastating and tragic each one could have been, rachmana litzlan. One doesn’t have to be a prophet or scholar to understand that the Torah and Mitzvos of our holy brothers is what’s keeping the death toll low. May we see moshiach in our days and may all jews around the world see the beauty of Torah Judaism and bring true everlasting peace to the world.


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