Thanks to Obama, U.S. to Take In 30% More Refugees

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The Obama administration will admit 25,000 additional refugees into the U.S. next fiscal year, bringing the annual total to 110,000—an increase of 30 percent. The Wall Street Journal obtained a copy of an annual refugee report submitted to Congress that was presented by Secretary of State John Kerry in a private briefing with lawmakers.

President Obama was expected to announce the new plan before a summit on refugees with world leaders next week at the United Nations General Assembly. The issue has been a hotly contested one in the presidential campaign, with Republican nominee Donald Trump and his surrogates criticizing any plan to admit more refugees into the country, citing terror threats. Read more at THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.



  1. Since we don’t have a congress anymore to say yes or no, and we now have a kingship. I am trying to figure out why then do we have elections for senate seats and representative seats, for if we have a kingship look at all the money we would save not paying all these peoples salaries. Just imagine not paying I guess 100 senate seats, and I guess 400 plus ( I keep on forgetting because they are the silent majority) representative seats, and we could just have a group of men that say yes all the time when the king proclaims he thoughts. Problem solved.

  2. “The Obama administration will admit 25,000 additional refugees into the U.S………..” And that’s just obama’s immediate family members. (All from Kenya where he was born and almost educated)


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