The Cost of Anti-Draft Protests

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A group of activists that opposes bochurim visiting army induction centers to receive deferment is currently collecting funds in the United States to finance their anti-draft activities. A flyer explained that operating costs for the last five months added up to $44,092. Onetime costs for brochures, posters announcements, protests, fines and lawyers came to $19,352.

Activities included the permanent placing of twenty activists at IDF draft centers in Tel Hashomer, Yerushalayim, Teveriah, Haifa and Be’er Sheva for the purpose of warning bochurim arriving for deferment to beware.

Demonstrations are held regularly to protest the arrest of yeshiva students who fail to apply for deferment.

{ Israel News}


  1. All worth it to protect your religious rights. The idf recognized, agreed and committed to these rights for years. Then came a new directive and ignores all these agreements. Vayokom melech chodosh ol mitzrayim asher love hikir et yosef.

  2. dont give a penny to these reshaim
    there is no forced draft
    just another way to suck money from the oilam goilam

    sign up and get the deferrement
    you dont like it
    move to jordan

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