The Life You Want is Within Reach – Will You Take It?

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It’s easy to get stuck – in your career, relationships, finances, or spiritual life. And now, as uncertainty creeps back into our lives, so many women feel more confused and overwhelmed than ever. COVID introduced so many unforeseen challenges and changes, and it can feel daunting to navigate this new reality without giving in to anxiety. But know this: if you’re stuck, you don’t need to stay stuck. It IS possible to stop this endless cycle of anxiety. And it IS possible to move forward with intention and serenity.

Dina Friedman Academy presents the Power Series – an interactive course designed to help you identify and actualize what you truly want in life, no matter your circumstance. It’s a live 20- week webinar and/or teleconference that helps women from all backgrounds and stages of life attain their truest desires by incorporating concrete practices into their daily lives.

Join Dina Friedman as she weaves Torah hashkafa, psychological principles, and years of expertise together in one compelling series.

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The Power Series begins Monday, November 2nd, 2020. I 718.285.3970


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