The Matzav Shmoooze: Cop Endangering Residents in Flatbush

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Dear Editor,

There is a cop that is endangering pedestrians at the corner of Avenue L and Coney Island Avenue in Flatbush, Brooklyn. He parks on the sidewalk and, when he pulls out to pull someone over, he almost runs over pedestrians.

This has to stop immediately before someone gets killed.

Call Councilman David Greenfield’s office at 718-853-2704 or email

A Concerned Resident



  1. Well Bl$$mberg started it and now DeBlasio is continuing it. ITS ALL ABOUT THE COTCHA! Get that ticket at all costs, NO MATTER WHAT!

  2. Strange. Election time these people are all over one another saying how much they’ve done for the community; now we need a “petition” for them to address a serious danger?

  3. While I’m not familiar with the facts of the writer’s story, cops, all know, routinely drive while on their phones! For us it’s a ticket and a supposed danger but cops are…. EXEMPT!
    Who’s gonna ticket them????
    Also, when cops do pull over a driver for some supposed traffic infraction, they block the flow of traffic so that they’re not inconvenienced while writing out the summos. They often could pull over and not disturb the flow of traffic, but they don’t care! They haven’t a care in the world how they’re affecting traffic – they’ve got their summons to issue so the world can just plotz!

  4. you should call the civilian complaint board, leave your info and they will call back 1-800-341-2272

  5. Its unbelievable how they are not out to protect us, they are just out to give tickets, and make money. This has got to stop!

  6. While the arricle points out an unsafe policing practice, the comments are skewed. I used to dislike traffic agents and the like, then I came to realize that there are people who constantly avoid contributing to society. There are people who don’t report taxable income. There are illegal aliens. There are wild drivers with blasting musoc and pot. There are inconsiderate drivers. All of these people are equally subject to tickets-AND IT IS A GOOD THING.

  7. Any time when you see a cop running a red light without a siren, driving with the phone, parking illegally, any other violation: Get a video, post it on YouTube. Get the cop’s name and badge number, or his car’s number. File an official Bureau of Internal Affairs complaint(you can do it over the phone), get the complaint number, keep on checking on the complaint investigation progress. If enough witnesses would actually donate 30 minutes of their time for this public service, the cops would not behave as if they are above the law.

  8. Many years I witnessed an accident where someone didn’t stop for a stop sign and smashed into a police car driving through the intersection. When the medics came I heard them discussing among themselves how this is the first crash they ever came that involved police where the police were innocent.


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