This Shabbos in Flatbush- Music Star Baruch Levine!

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Shabbos of Unity

The entire Flatbush community is invited to join Yidden of all backgrounds for an incredible Shabbos of unity with Brooklyn Jewish Xperience (BJX) this Shabbos, March 1st-2nd. Jewish music super-star Baruch Levine will be joining BJX for this special Shabbos. In order to accommodate a far larger crowd for the beautiful Carlebach Kabbolos Shabbos, the BJX Beis Medrash (2915 Ave. K) made extra space in the shul.

Mincha will begin promptly at 5:40pm. You will hear words of inspiration from Rav Yitzchok Fingerer, Rav of the BJX Beis Medrash. Rav Fingerer is the dynamic force behind the Kiruv activities in Flatbush and beyond.

Many unaffiliated students will be joining BJX for this Shabbos of Unity and experience their first Shabbos. They will be feted to a delectable Shabbos dinner with Baruch Levine, the BJX Rabbis and other notable personalities.

Everyone is welcome to attend Shabbos morning davening with Baruch Levine. It promises to be an uplifting experience! Davening will be in the BJX Beis Medrash (2915 Avenue K) followed by an inspiring drasha by the Rav. Following davening will be BJXs trademark weekly delicious hot Kiddush. All men and women are invited to attend a very important Shabbos afternoon lecture, 4:30pm by Rav Fingerer. The topic is “Parenting in the 21st Century: How to Protect Your Child from Falling through the Cracks.” This important lecture will also take place in the BJX Beis Medrash on Avenue K.

All women are invited to join a sumptuous breakfast and Torah class, next Wednesday, March 13th given by the world famous speaker, Rabbi Eli Mansour. Breakfast will begin 9:30am and the inspiring class will begin 10am. This too will take place at the BJX Beis Medrash (2915 Ave. K).

Through the tireless work of BJX, hundreds of Flatbush residents kept their first Shabbos, koshered their homes, married Jewish, had Bris Milah/Bar Mitzvah and went to Yeshiva. The objective of this vital organization is to reach out to unaffiliated Jews before they assimilate and it is too late. The future of Jewish generations is dependent on the critical work of BJX and generous supporters.


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