TONIGHT, 8 PM: Mrs. Leah Rubashkin to Address Women’s Asifas Chizuk in Lakewood


leah-rubashkinUpdate below: Tonight, the massive pidyon shvuyim effort on behalf  of Reb Sholom Mordechai ben Rivka Rubashkin will continue with a large asifa for women and girls at Toras Aron Hall in Lakewood, NJ. This event follows Monday night’s historic event at Lakewood’s Lake Terrace Hall which drew over 7,000 men.

Organizers of these events told that initially, the first event was going to be held for both men and women, but because of the immense size of the anticipated crowd and the fact that no facility was deemed large enough to accommodate both men and women, Monday night’s gathering was designated for men only.

Tomorrow night’s women’s chizuk rally will feature remarks from Mrs. Leah Rubashkin, wife of Reb Sholom Mordechai, as well as Rav Ephraim Eliyahu Shapiro, rov of Cong. Shaaray Tefilla of North Miami Beach.

The program will begin at 8 p.m.

There will be plenty of parking for all attendees, with police officers directing traffic to ensure smooth traffic flow.

Toras Aron Hall is located at 500 Summer Avenue, off of Prospect Street, in Lakewood. All women and girls are urged to attend.

Update: It has been finalized that Mrs. Roza Hindy Weiss, a daughter of Reb Sholom Mordechai, will address the gathering as well.

Update: Tonight’s MC will be Mrs. Baila Stein.

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  1. Amazing what this community is doing for someone who doesn’t reside there, this alone should be a zechus for a yeshua!

  2. It was an awe inspiring event. I hope that the achdus seen in Lakewood for R’ S.M. Rubashkin is indicative of the achdus klall Yisroel has all around the world. May it bring the geula shelaimo bekorov. I hope Rabbi Shapiro’s speech was recorded, I would love to hear it over and over. It was very inspiring and thought provoking.

  3. The rav spoke about ho the difference between Neshomo (soul – meaning life) and Neshamo (depressed) is the komatz or pasach – and the difference there is the little ‘support’ (from ‘-‘ to ‘T’ for lack of nekudos!). He explained that with just one little gesture one can accomplish from neshamo to neshomo!!!

  4. It was great to sit in a crowd of so many women out on a (busy!) Thursday night who dropped all at short notice to show their solidarity – and truly we came to realize that Sholom Mordechai Halevi is just Hashem’s messenger to show us that none of us are safe and it takes only a moment for possible radical changes to our lives and circumstances. Let us all show Hashem that we have learned the lesson well, do teshuvah , and may Hashem lead him out of jail, and lead us all to the Geula Shleima. No step is too little to show Hashem our belief that there is nobody in charge but him. Walking out of the hall last night and seeing all the women streaming out, was a lovely view of what the real return will look like – may it come soon. The Rubashkins are amazing – with all they have been through, they are keeping themselves together, upbeat, and ready to undertake whatever is necessary to bring the message of achdus and teshuva to the world. Thank you Rabbi Pinny Lipshutz for expending so much effort into keeping this cause in the forefront.

  5. I was wondering why nothing was written about this event after it took place on this or any other frum website? I looked this morning at several frum websites and nothing was mentioned about it. I am very surprised, it was almost as if it didn’t happen. Why wasn’t there a write up about it afterwards?

  6. I suppose the recording will be available. I will post back BS”D if I know where. TIZK”LM


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