Video: Frum Mother Experiences Miracle Birth in Eretz Yisroel


miracle-birth[Video below.] ‪‪The Israeli media is trumpeting a new modern miracle from a baby to be. One smart yet to be born child waved at the doctors – look there is something wrong. ‪On Sunday, mom to be Hindi Gross was undergoing a routine sonogram at the Sheba hospital in central Israel, a day before her pre-planned C-section.

She felt good, there were no indications of any problem, but when the doctor looked at the sonogram screen he was very surprised.‪‪

“I saw something floating in the amniotic fluid and the baby grabbed and waved it, as if trying to tell us – take a look at that, something is wrong. I have seen blood clots in the uterus before but I have never seen a baby grabbing it and waving it like that,” Dr. Yinon Gilboa, obstetrics and gynecology specialist, told Fox.‪‪

‪‪The doctor soon realized that the baby was holding a 2.75 inch blood clot and the mother was rushed to the OR.‪‪ ‪‪

The little baby girl was delivered safely and is now 4 days old. She does not have a name yet but she is already known through out Israel as the little heroine who miraculously saved her mother’s life.‪‪ ‪‪ ‪‪

Take a look at the baby sonogram (courtesy of Sheba Hospital, Israel):

[media id=852 width=400 height=300]

{Fox News/ Newscenter}


  1. this ness is all over the news in eretz yisroel ans is a big kiddush hashem! (her maid name is Minzer from Har nof) she currently has a travel agency in petach tikva! BH she and baby are doing fine!

  2. Per the Chofetz Chaim al HaTorah (I forget exactly where the citation is), we have been given technology to perceive Hashem’s miracles [such as the miracle of birth in this case] directly.

    In the past those with Emunah Peshutah didn’t need this, they took Hashem’s Presence on faith.

  3. How can anyone consider having an abortion after seeing this video? How can we as a Torah nation support or be michaneff ANY politician who promotes this kind of murder?! Please keep this in mind during election time.


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