Tragic: Nurse in Cholon Burned to Death by Disgruntled Holocaust Survivor Patient

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55-year-old Tovah Kararo, a nurse working at an HMO on Kaplan Street in Cholon, was killed this morning in a suspected arson attack in her workplace. The attacker poured an accelerant into the room where Tovah was sitting and set it aflame.

Vladimir, a patient present during the incident, recalled the harrowing scenes of the incident. “I was waiting in line when I heard screaming,” he told Ynet. “When I approached, I saw the woman burning, surrounded by people trying to put the fire out. It was horrible. “I saw Karni (the clinic’s physician) taking the extinguisher and jumping into the fire. I joined him and tried pouring water, but within seconds the smoke got so thick that we couldn’t even see her,” Vladimir said, sadly adding “Dr. Karni is a hero, really is. But we couldn’t save her.”

Kararo was a dedicated nurse who worked for more than 25 years in the clinic. She was found lifeless and pronounced dead by paramedics from Magen David Adom.

The 78-year-old suspect is a mentally ill Holocaust survivor. Ynet reports that he seems to have received a flue vaccination about a week ago and has since gone to the clinic daily to complain about it and about the clinic’s medical staff.

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  1. Terrible story all around. It makes no difference if the murderer was a so called Holocaust “survivor”. It doesn’t make a difference if the murderer was young or old. A murderer is a murderer is a murderer. This old bag MURDERED an innocent nurse in the most cruel vicious way.There is no need to look for excuses.

        • “Oh, so I guess it’s alright what he did.”
          Nobody said or implied any such thing. Shame on you for engaging in prickly sarcasm over what’s simply a tragic story.

          “A murderer is a murderer is a murderer.”
          Not if he isn’t a bar da’as.


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