Trump Administration Postpones 2020 Release of Harriet Tubman $20 USD Bill

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In 2016, the United States Treasury under the Barrack Obama Administration announced plans to replace the portrait of Andrew Jackson on the $20 USD bill with noted abolitionist, Harriet Tubman. The redesigned bill was scheduled to release next year to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote. Tubman was a firm supporter of the women’s suffrage movement.

Now, the Trump Administration is postponing the currency’s launch for nearly a decade as announced by the secretary of treasury Steve Mnuchin this past Wednesday.

Despite the delay, Mnuchin claimed that the bill’s security features will still release in 2020. However, the issue surrounding the bill’s appearance “most likely” won’t be brought up to discussion until 2026 and it won’t be printed until 2028 reported the New York Times.

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  1. Trump is an evil white racist and should resign immediately. If not, he should be charged with a hate crime.

    • Right after Alexander Hamilton completed his second term. President Franklin was elected mainly for his part in ending the war between Hungary and Freedonia. C’mon, where’d you learn your history? Everybody knows that!

  2. No reason for President Trump to replace it with Obama’s choice of Harriet Turban. He should replace it with good and honest people who did for the country or even Q.

    • He may not have been elected president, however, he was one of the seven founding fathers of this country. So, yes, he rightly deserves to be on our currency.

  3. Benjamin Franklin may be the only one who wasn’t a president on US$ bills, but he was a founding father of the US, a governor of Pennsylvania, a Postmaster, a diplomat, besides being an accomplished scientist, an inventor, an author, a political theorist. In other words, a person of Franklin’s caliber doesn’t need an affirmative action to be displayed on money.

  4. Be Franklin was not president , but he was one of the founding fathers.
    Obama’s disdain for this country’s history is evident from his choice to replace Andrew Jackson a General , national war hero and president. His only sin is being a white male who was pro country and pro military.

  5. If, for whatever reason (and some of them are actually very good and correct), President Jackson’s image should be removed from the currency, it should be replaced by a person’s, whose influence on this country was enormous. If a person of color absolutely must be the choice, for obvious political reasons, perhaps MLK should be the one, as he certainly lead a revolutionary movement for civil rights.

  6. He was many things including ‘a founding father’, an inventor and the first post master general. However, he was never a president of the United States.

  7. They had to remove the Obama postage stamp. It was of the type that had to be moistened on to stick. The problem was that people were spitting at it on the wrong side……..

  8. I thing the biggest problem for Harriet Tubman is her looks on photos, she is not photogenic enough to be on US currency during Trump presidency. It’s all about marketing!!!

  9. I can deal with Harriet Tubman. What more? The dollar is the penny is the gold. Will it be a lady easy or a penny too hard? I guess the manner and matter bends. A penny to a gold. Who will put Trump on the dreaming dollar next? If he can just grow a beard he can be on the 5 dollar beard bill. No other than five and fifty have good men with beards. Otherwise, its shave city. The blood of the champions made America a great place.

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