Trump Adviser: Obama Disrespects Jews By Speaking on First Night of Chanukah

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trumpDaniel Scavino, Jr., a senior adviser to Donald Trump, criticized President Obama’s address to the nation tonight as “disrespectful” because it fell on the first night of Chanukah.

Scavino suggested the White House instead schedule the speech for Friday or Saturday.

Scavino Jr. tweeted as follows regarding Oabam’s speech:

Disrespectful. Should have addressed the nation on Friday or Saturday evening. Not the first night of #Hanukkah. …



  1. Will someone please tell Mr. Donald that Moose-Leems have zero regard for Jews. So what else is new. Bambi has been dissing Jews ever since he made Netanyahu wait in the meeting room while he went up for dinner with his Michelle, the dogs and the kids.

  2. This is ridiculous. Hannukah is not the holiest day of the year nor to jews refuse to learn that the president has priorities. I guess Trump if he is elected will not speak on Saturday or Friday night and not on any yom tov too. Glad to know. Maybe he can just find his own toy store and talk on Dec. 25.

  3. I wasn’t aware it was disrespectful to speak to us Jews on the first night of Chanuka. Thank you Rabbi Trump, for teaching me a halacha I didn’t know.

  4. Not sure what Donald Trump’s problem is, at 8:30 pm most people have already lit their menorahs except for rebbes which wouldn’t listen or watch the president anyway. As an aside Friday evening I think is a lot more problematic then first night Chanukah.

  5. Thank You Donald for your sympathies for all the misguided Jews who still care what BHO has got to say.
    Now how about you get out of the way and let some real leader take your place. It’s sad and sorry to see that money rules
    peoples’ minds and choices….This guy is clueless, that’s why he talks so much. America can do much better! G-d help us

  6. This guy, who spouted one anti-Semitic stereotype after another while meeting with Republican Jewish leaders, now purports to lecture someone else on respect for Jews???


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