Trump: Biden Should Take a Drug Test, I Will Too

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President Donald Trump doubled down on his insistence that Democrat Joe Biden, his opponent in the November election, should take a drug test — and said he would take one, too.

“I’m not joking. I’m willing to take a drug test, I think he should to,” Trump said during a Sunday evening news briefing at the White House.

Trump then argued that Biden’s performances in the Democratic Party’s primary debates were inconsistent, which raised questions about whether he is taking something to help his focus.

“I watched him with some of the — when he was debating ‘Pocahontas’ [Sen. Elizabeth Warren] and [Sen. Kamala] Harris, who treated him so badly, but I watched him and he was out of it. And then I watched him against Bernie Sanders and he was OK. He wasn’t great, but he wasn’t terrible,” Trump said.

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    • What does Yom Kippur have anything to do with your idiocy? How is it that after Yom Kippur you don’t have enough Sechel to differentiate between criminal crooks out to destroy the country and a guy who loves the country and actually built it up?

  1. Commenter #1, he may be, as you say, a corrupt moron, but do you wish for Biden & Harris, Pelosi and Shoomuh to gain control? Wouldn’t we be much worse off? He’s certainly the better of the two choices – for un here in the states and for Israel; No?

  2. Especially given all the information that has come out, as of late. Trump wants a drug test, test his hair follicle, and I mean Trump’s. Truth is treated as an inconvenience on this website.

  3. This is a distraction. They also said Hillary was dying when she was running. It is the same playbook. Take a hair follicle test of Donald Trump, it will show drug use for 90 days. You may want to add DTJunior.

  4. 9:08, 4:49, 5:15, 9:49 I’m surprised that the fasting yesterday didn’t clear your blocked brains and wake up. Unless you didn’t fast with the excuse you have Corona and found some kind of symptom to give you a heter to eat.


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