Trump Holds Up Water Bottle At Texas Rally: ‘It’s Rubio!’ (Video)

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This afternoon, Donald Trump poured one out for rival Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) while mocking his infamous State of the Union water break at a rally in Forth Worth, Texas.

After speaking for 15 minutes, the real estate magnate paused to hold up a water bottle while yelling, “It’s Rubio!” He then poured some water out, took a quick sip and tossed the bottle over his shoulder.

Watch below:



  1. That is very immature of someone who wants to be President. To come down to the level of a child just to mock another human, is very troubling and shows a total lack of Derech eretz.

  2. Yup, #1, Voter, this crybaby avoided the Iowa debate because ;. ( they weren’t nice to him!! BooHoo!
    He’s mocked everyone and his cousin in the nastiest, childish way and he’s going to be prez!!!??
    But then again, if the alternative is Bill Clinton’s wife, I’ll stick with this


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