Trump: ‘I’m All for Masks’ But Not a National Mandate

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President Donald Trump says he has no problem with masks – he looks good in one, “like the Lone Ranger,” he said – but he adds a national mask mandate is not necessary.

“I don’t know if you need mandatory [masks], because you have many places in the country where people stay very long distance, you talk about social distancing,” Trump told Fox Business’ Blake Berman in an exclusive interview Wednesday.

“But I’m all for masks. I think masks are good. I would wear [one] – if I were in a group of people and I was close I have. I mean, people have seen me wearing one, if I’m in a group of people where we’re not, you know, 10 feet away.”

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  1. Humanity is a joke and Biden a skin lock murder. Trump can let people do their day. Breathing turns us ready.

    Why bite down on America. We are getting weary. The regular may collapse.


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