Trump Promises to Cure Cancer, ‘Eradicate’ AIDS if He Wins Another Term

President Trump has promised to cure cancer and ensure that American astronauts land on Mars if he wins a second term.
“We will push onward with new medical frontiers. We will come up with the cures to many, many problems, to many, many diseases—including cancer and others and we’re getting closer all the time,” Trump said to a cheering crowd at his rally in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday night.
“We will eradicate AIDS in America once and for all and we’re very close. We will lay the foundation for landing American astronauts on the surface of Mars.”


    • President Trump is not lying and neither was President Nixon. They got it all from the ET in 1940 but were threatened with their lives by the Deep State if they disclose anything. And so is President Trump threatened and already got over 25 assassination attempts (which, of course, fake news would not report). (Remember the assassination attempt on President Reagan? That was after he learned about the ET and UFO and wanted to publicize it.) Nixon and Carter couldn’t disclose it because they needed to do what President Trump is doing. Which is, destroying the Deep State beforehand, after which he will be able to fulfill his promises unhindered. Thousands have already been eliminated – albeit without media fanfare, although about 2 weeks ago, MSM reported 1700 arrests but they didn’t say the full truth that these were from the Deep State, many of which are well known public figures, making the people assume they’re some little thieves or what.

      And Dahlia, just continue getting your information from fake news and make believe you know anything. You don’t!

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