Trump Rips ‘Dummy’ McCain for Deriding His Supporters


donald trumpDonald Trump ripped into Arizona Sen. John McCain Thursday for dissing supporters of the hard-charging real estate billionaire’s presidential campaign.

The former 2008 GOP presidential nominee complained in a New Yorker interview that Trump’s rally in Phoenix last week “fired up the crazies.”

But Trump turned the heat instead on McCain, demanding that he apologize:

“The thousands of people that showed up for me in Phoenix were amazing Americans. @SenJohnMcCain called them ‘crazies’–must apologize!”

and by calling him a “dummy”:

@SenJohnMcCain should be defeated in the primaries. Graduated last in his class at Annapolis–dummy!

The blunt blast is in sharp contrast to 2008, when Trump enthusiastically endorsed McCain, saying on “Larry King Live” that, “I’m with him, and I’m with him based on the fact that I have great knowledge of John McCain.”

And in another verbal hug on CNN the same year, Trump called McCain not only “a tough guy,” but “a smart guy.”

“He’s a very, very bright guy. He’s just a quality human being,” Trump said, adding: “He is a man worthy of respect. And this country no longer has respect. What we need more than anything else is just that word: Respect.”

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  1. Trump has the thinnest skin of any presidential wannabe. He’s like a twelve-year-old in a sports chat room who can’t let any real or perceived insult pass without and infantile response “Oh yeah? Well, you’re ugly and stupid!” What a buffoon. I feel sorry for any employee under his thumb.

  2. Trump is the day of his own defeat.

    Cry for the pope or the lobster is you are a “righteous” gentile. That is typical.

    Trump cries fir his X-ray vision.

    He is not superman!

    So bum Trump go. Your words are special for the ones who reslly did want all that lobster.

    Not me though, I want the holy. You Mr. Trump are out.


    He has no freedom in his grip.


  3. The coward had the audacity to question McCains military record! McCain didnt avoid military service and McCain didn’t use his fathers clout to get him out of a tough spot when he was a pow. What Chutzpah! Mister multiple deferments what joke!


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