Trump Says Worst Is Over for Coronavirus

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Hailing his administration’s response to the global coronavirus pandemic — as his opponent almost entirely focuses its campaign on that issue — President Donald Trump told Newsmax TV, the worst is behind us.

“We’ve come up with great therapeutics and cures and all sorts of things,” Trump told Wednesday’s “Greg Kelly Reports” in an exclusive interview, noting the mortality rate is declining and survival rates are going over 99%.

“We’ve come up with things that are amazing. The job we’ve done is incredible, and now the vaccines are coming out. We’re rounding the turn, but most people, 99-point-something percent, if you get it, you get better. I got better.”

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  1. Don’t believe anything he says.
    Just check the stats yourself.

    I don’t particularly like D. Trump.
    I think Biden is a much nicer guy.

    But, to quote our erstwhile Mayor Koch, when referring to Mayor David Dinkins:
    “David Dinkins is a nice guy. But NYC needs a good mayor. Not a nice mayor”!
    We just need to replace “mayor” with “president”. And “David Dinkins” with “Donald Trump”.

    I have been mostly ignoring Trump’s words for a long time now.
    I just look at what he does. (and even his flops, i compare to what i suspect the democrats would have done…)

    I’m terrified of a President Biden.
    He will be a puppet of the ultra-liberals. (such as Bernie Sanders.)
    And i don’t believe he’s capable of healing our economy.
    And he will likely be more of a friend towards Iran, rather than Israel.

  2. Thank you Mr. President. May G-d continue giving you lots of success and Heavenly assistance to eradicate all the coronavirus criminals.

    President Trump knows that coronavirus is a political matter and the coronavirus as a sickness is a hoax to keep the world quiet while the job is being done. What he’s saying is that thank G-d most coronavirus criminals have been apprehended or executed.


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