TSA: No Knives on Planes

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knivesThe TSA was planning to let passengers carry small knives on planes for the first time since September 11, when Congress put the kibosh on it.

After a backlash from lawmakers, airlines, and the public, the TSA tells the Associated Press it won’t be moving forward with the plan.

A bipartisan group of 145 House Representatives wrote a letter to TSA head John Pistole last month urging him to reconsider the proposed changes, calling them “dangerous, unnecessary and irresponsible.”

The new guidelines, originally announced in March, had already been delayed since April. Read more here.

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  1. The 9/11 terrorists would not be able to hijack today’s airplanes no matter how many blades they would carry: the pilot’s cockpit is break-in proof these days – unlike pre 9/11 when people could basically just waltz in. If someone actually had even a Rambo knife on a modern airplane, in the worst case scenario there would be some stubbing victims and the severely beaten perpetrator, but definitely no airplane going down in flames. Having Swiss-army knives on an airplane is about as dangerous as having Swiss-army knives on a bus, train, movie theater, even security line at the airport. Don’t be deceived with the security talk; TSA is about selfishly providing jobs for the union losers at our expense, perhaps even gradually conditioning the gullible plebeian population for the upcoming Big Brother police state.


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