Two Girls On Shabbaton in Orlando Missing (Photo)

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Two girls are missing since Shabbos afternoon, when they went on a walk in Orlando, Florida, and did not return.

The sixteen-year-old teenagers, Rivka Moshe and Brocha Katz (pictured below), are students of Beis Chana High School (Lubavitch Educational Center) of Miami, whose students and staff went on a Shabbaton to Caribe Cove Resort by Wyndham in Orlando.

The girls were supposed to have returned by 5:30 p.m., but never did.

Police officials were contacted and dispatched K9 search teams and helicopter patrols to look for the girls.

All are asked to daven for the safe return of Brocha Tefillah bas Yisroelis and Rivka bas Tziporah.

rivka moshe brocha katz

{G. Newscenter}


  1. We will all daven for the safety of the girls, and b’ezras Hashem, they will be found safe and sound. בשורות טובות

  2. I hope that they were found in good faith my prayers goes out to their family may god be with them ever day that there missing

  3. I hope that they have been found in good hands my prayers goes out to their family may god bless them2lilgirls 2make it home safe god is wouching over you 2girls


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