Two Mothers Leave Ten Children in Sweltering Car for Two Hours…While They Go to a Bar


carTwo mothers and a friend allegedly left ten children in a sweltering car for two hours while they drank in a bar. Witnesses told police they saw the car parked outside Alibi Lounge in Springfield, Missouri, at around 1.10pm last Thursday.

The children inside were seen turning the car and air conditioning on to keep cool.

Mother of six of the children Mackisha B Johnson, 25, and Christopher M Jones, 38, were both arrested

Another suspect, Shacona Johnson, 30, mother of four of the children, left before police got there.

Police noted the temperature outside the car was 99 degrees with a heat index of 101 degrees that day.

None of the children, who ranged in age from seven months to 11, were hurt and were taken into custody of children services.

All three suspects have been charged with second degree child endangerment and, if convicted, face up to a year in prison, plus a $1,000 fine.

{Daily Mail/ Newscente}


  1. more like it, consider your feelings of animosity toward these women and realize that if CHV”SH you are negligent in this same way R”L, you will cause that feeling toward the entire orthodox community. this is one message we can learn from this story.

  2. #7 More than that. We are human and they are human. It so happened that my ancestors merited to receive the Torah and theirs did not. Enough of this elitist/ hubristic (word?) attitude. It’s wrong to define ourselves by bashing others. We have gratitude that we were born into a special nation; we have a sense of mission. End of story.

  3. even with the ac on its still ebdangering the lives of the children. why? maybe the gas will run out and it goes off or otherwise stops working. something i didnt realize until reading the fine print. shomer psa-im hashem. we are all his creations, and must act accordingly. lifes value must go up to bring the lesson home.

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