Tzefas: Only 18 and Older Can Hold Sefer Torah


A fast day was recently declared in Tzefas’s largest Breslev shul due to a young bochur dropping a Sefer Torah on Simchas Torah.

Anyone unable to fast was to donate at least eighteen shekels to tzedokah. In addition, the kehillah gathered to recite Sefer Tehillim.

The leader of the kehillah, Rav Elazar Mordechai Kenig, enacted that from now on, only bochurim of 18-years and older will be allowed to carry Sifrei Torah and no one is to speak during hakafos.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Physical strength varies greatly, especially if we consider boys aged 13-18.

    A man who feels he is not strong enough should not dance with a Sefer Torah and should not be embarrassed, but this is the same whether he is 14, 84, or perhaps 34 and not the gym person. Which by the way would identically apply to anyone who feels they are not strong enough to carry a young child on their shoulders. We all enjoy our physical strength if we have it, but it has nothing to do with overwhelming love. Which every Yid has.


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