Uber Wants To Make Flying Cars A Reality

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Uber is hoping to develop flying cars to ferry passengers around, and the company has hired a NASA engineer to help it make that dream a reality, according to a report it released, the NY Post reports.

The ridesharing app company hired Mark Moore, who is a chief technologist at the Langley Research Center in Virginia and specializes in conceptual designs for advanced aeronautic aircraft.

Uber thinks it can have Vertical Takeoff and Landing—vehicles that travel up to 200 mph while hovering about 250 feet off the ground—up and running in some markets within three years, according to the report. Read more at the NY Post.



  1. Now I understand why Uber opposes Trump’s order to preclude the Syrian, Yemeni, and Somali refugees into the USA. Those highly educated, industrious, and easily adaptable people are the key to inventing and implementing Uber’s high-tech goals.
    Whom else could we trust to fly cars, if not for those peaceful and loving Muslims? After all, they do amazing jobs flying aircraft.


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