Unhappy Marriages Can Be Fatal, Increasing Male Death Rate By 19%: Israeli Study

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Men who are unhappy in their marriages are at higher risk of death, especially from strokes, Tel Aviv University scholars have concluded.

“What we found, which is surprising, is that dissatisfaction among men with their marriage is a risk factor for death, of a similar magnitude to smoking, or men failing to exercise,” Dr. Shahar Lev-Ari, the public health researcher behind the study, told The Times of Israel.

His team insists that the research shows that health authorities should start promoting marriage therapy, in order for people to get sick less frequently and live longer.

“Marital education programs for couples should be implemented as part of health promotion strategies for the general population,” they wrote in a newly published peer-reviewed academic article.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. My wife hates me so I started smoking and drinking. If I make it to 35 it will be a miracle. If she makes it to 23 it’s a real miracle.

  2. “increasing Male Death Rate By 19%” Is this because men do not have the bina yesirah as women do and more likely to take the lethal jab?

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